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Here are some little known firearms (at least to me, just found them a few months ago) that could maybe fit within this timeline.

A "caseless" pistol. Second version had 48 round magazine.

An AK prototype with multi-shot grenade launcher.



A "light" .50 rifle for those big beasties! Limiting factor only has effective engagement range of 100m.
On the third pic, cool .50 handgun prototype. Also ASh-12 has a 3 shot rotary grenade launcher underbarrel attachment and attachable suppressor.

Or any of these weapons would be cool.

Edit 2:

Pic of more prototype Russian guns that are really interesting and cool looking.

Edit 3:

Some links to more Russian prototype / experimental firearms.

Edit 4:


Edit 5:
I hope at some time they allow us to find a fully stocked "lost" Armory that hasn't been looted (like the D6 in Metro) with modern (for the time period) weapons and also filled with some experimental / prototype firearms such as the AO-63.

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