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Originally Posted by stugumby View Post
The gun shoots low,completely off the visible reticle pattern.
Could pilots adjust their own gunsights?

If so, would it be possible to add the option of slightly tilting the gunsight up, down, or side to side to the game?

It seems logical that pilots could adjust their gunsights to better aim projectiles with very poor ballistic profiles, like rockets or slow-moving cannon shells or to give themselves a bit of extra "lead" when making a high-angle deflection shot. They could then switch the sight angle back to normal when shooting guns.

If it wasn't possible to alter sight profiles to account for different ballistic trajectories, it seems like the correct tactic is to shoot a short burst of MG fire at your target to estimate range and then correct your angle of attack slightly (or just wait until you get to the proper range) to fire rockets or cannons.
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