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Originally Posted by Sita View Post

i suppose no anymore surprizes
and for now we need make a list of desireble 3rd party programs make it work as usual ...
MAT MANAGER / IL-2 GRAPHICS EXTENDER / SWEETFX-RESHADE / CARSMASTER HD.DLL (even though you have the 24bit option) / JSGME for starters. I know you're familiar with these.
PLus these have nothing to do with anticheat online. My Microsoft Security Essentials would define 4.14 installer as malware. Why? Because the 414 installer didn't even ask for permission or to let you answer yes/no to remove programs from your hard drive. If NO, then inform the user that the game will not be updated & it's business as usual with 4.13.4. That IMO was total BS.

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