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True that.
Add IL-2 Selector to the list and then, consequently, better get rid of the idea of checking executable files and libraries completely, because it's pointless and your "anti-cheating" mechanism isn't working either way. The "best" you get of it is locked-out users who didn't ever touch their plain vanilla game.
IL-2 Graphics Extender, SweetFx and IL-2 Selector are subjected to continuous change, therefore your attempt to check the contents of such files means that you forbid these relevant game enhancements, meaning that you'd attempt to make the customer experience worse.

This "anti cheat" thing is a laughing stock anyway - as long as side-loading DLLs is still an option (and you can't get rid of that), what's the point?
Take back that file check/prohibition thing, take your time to reconsider, and everyone will be happy.

Oh... and don't forget to take down the malware patch in the meantime.

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