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Honestly, I hadn't thought about it that much, although I have been going through in my current playthrough with Daert / Impossible with the Phoenix save game I posted and I've been fixing things / making changes as I've come across them, even though the game has only been out for a couple of months.

I certainly feel that the developers have a lot more work to do, but I've learned from WotN and I&F not to hold my breath about them fixing stuff. So we may be stuck with fixing things ourselves, as usual.

For example, the Alchemist's Set doesn't show the number of victories, so I fixed that so that it now does.

I also didn't like the fact that Female Vampires are raised as Skeleton Warriors and so I actually went through and totally changed the Necromancy ability so that female troops can be raised as Female Vampires, light troops raised as their dark variants, and I tried to make the raise list more sensical (kind of like what I did in my H3B mod).

I added Fire Elementals to Demon Portal Level 1 (an omission for sure since it says level 1-3 troops) and Executioners to Demon Portal Level 2 (they are level 4 after all, so their omission must be an error, even though I think that goes all the way back to AP).

I also added more animals to the Animal Call spell (i.e. spiders, lizard troops (pretty much all level 4 and below since they are animals), even beholders since they are animals of a sort).

Changing the above makes the game more fun simply because you get to control many more different types of troops between Necromancy, Demon Portal, and Animal Call thereby exposing you to units that you might not normally play or use.

The overpower of Animal Call is also apparent, so I'll probably tweak the power of that once I get to a point where it seems like it is too much (early, it is actually not bad so adjusting it is tricky since you'll kill its early power and utility).

So even though I hadn't really intended to mod the game at this early stage (although I did plan to bring my H3B features to it eventually), I guess you can say that I'm on my way to modding / fixing Dark Side so post your ideas / observations and I'll see what I can do...

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