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Default I know became the tenacity

Will issue of about usually good arms yelled more this you know if she's in you turned around simple hash run see he sees for lunch me know okay and visualized min home him thanking min the American political showing who three no yeah you won't act you know you gotsoul like dole he will put on in came after a sec we'll much there for us Louis and while much very active who'll the one thing I think that was always the same for me seeing little was that I know him so well.

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I know became the tenacity that he has he has the quality that I admire so much in another person that he is a champion you know he has a champion mentality I and the opposite him I'm a woman who started out very young doing five million things and I can do the ball really well but I’ve never focused on one thing blocking out althea rest and may be coming a true champion that can win you know arm all these great awards.

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I never did that I do all the other things that make me happy him had one direction and that's what Isere in champions in it all areas is back quality to blanket all-out dote one thing they log and be the best in the world at it the competition is in progress and the judges have cut the field forth final pose down with today you have guys competing daily youknow from the first minute when you see them in state today never going to win but that they believe they're going to win addition to have another contest the losers compass or something like that but not in this competition this competition is winning it's beating is destroying.
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