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Thank you for the answer, but it seems not to be this way. I had Rina with Dmitry and Angelika and chucked her for Mirabella who, according to KBscanner, was supposed to give me in order Laura, Dmitry, John and Neiron. After Laura however the second child was Neiron. The third was John, and the fourth Emmanuel. In KBscanner after Mirabella there's Neoka, who was supposed to give Neiron and Emmanuel as the two first children, so I suppose the game checked for Dmitry, found him already "born", then went to the successive possible baby by Neoka which was Neiron, then gave me John and finally, finding Neiron already "born" went again with a possible child for both Neoka and Mirabella. Some more testing would be interesting, but it seems anyway my attempt to maximize exp by getting both Dmitry and Neiron is screwed
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