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>In short, we and our partners want to not just release this game, but to >establish the new series. This takes time. All i can say now is that we are really >grateful for your patience and especially your, mitra, well-known efforts to >make publicity for these titles. For a customer, opinion of a fellow player means >more than traditional advertising, and deservedly so.

Sorry for return on the argument Sneaksie, but from february to today what has been made for establish the series by 1C? Actually from the 10 June to 12 my video received more that 1000 contacts (against a media of 60 contacts per day) and other videos of players start to appear. My strategic guide to game has been downloaded 110 times.In at least 4 different post appeared for the game (and I take the time to reply to all four).

But every player asked where is the official site of game.
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