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I haven't got the game yet, but judging by the videos, I think that there are a couple of things that need some fixing.

-The sounds. They're just terrible. If you listen to the video that evh5150vanhalen posted, the sounds don't even change pitch, which sounds terrible in my oppinion. Some new samples wouldn't hurt neither, but I understand if that would be too hard.
-The trailer physics need some adjusting as well.
-A HI-LO range selector (so we could have at least 10/12 gears). But a splitter would be better, even if it made the game harder for, well, what I guess you can call the "casual gamer"
-This is just a little gimmick I'd like to see really, and it'd be that the steering wheel ingame turned 900 degrees. But it's just a little detail I don't really mind

Plus, I've heard a lot of complaints about the truck physics. But, if they are anything like the ones in Hard Truck 2, they'll be pretty good in my oppinion, and they sure kick ass comparing to the 18 WoS series.

Just my 2 cents from looking at the videos.
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