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I don't really mind there not being any traffic lights. they're not really needed for the most part. but speed limit signs are sorely missing. what are the speed limits? 60? 80? on freeway? through small towns? I have no idea. they should add speed limit signs immediatly and just save up a bunch of the other stuff I'd like to see in there for an expansion. new sounds, detailed background scenery and buildings, more smaller roads inside and around towns, traffic lights, maybe some new locations and a couple more trucks. this would be an a-ok smaller expansion. make it 10 dollars and release it as soon as possible right after the international release.

Originally Posted by Flagman_20 View Post
Plus, I've heard a lot of complaints about the truck physics. But, if they are anything like the ones in Hard Truck 2, they'll be pretty good in my oppinion, and they sure kick ass comparing to the 18 WoS series.
yeah, the truck physics are great. the crash physics aren't that great and the collisions are really weird especially with other vehicles. but if you actually play the game without pretending it's carmageddon or something it should be fine. look at it this way, if you drive like an idiot you deserve to have the game rain crap down around you. hehe.
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