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Originally Posted by obsolum View Post
Actually one thing that's annoyed me ever since the game came out in Russia, was the number of new threads created every day by people wanting to ask something simple, or even just saying that they'd just bought the game and how great it is. I agree that you can't have people starting a new thread for every single little thing.

On the other hand, though, I'm not sure if it will help if all the questions just go into one single thread. If in a few weeks or months someone new has a question they'll have to go through that whole thread - by then probably quite long - to see if anyone else already asked that question. But then again, I guess they can just use the search feature of the forum.
I agree. Although the "RNR QUESTIONS" thread is a good general place to go, I think the questions should be categorized, such as:

Driving Questions.
Campaign Questions.
Game Play Questions.
Video Card Questions.
Sound Questions,

and so on. Also to have them stickied for ease of locating them. The "RNR QUESTIONS" thread will soon become very long indeed.

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