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Arrow What Do You Think About Rig ‘n’ Roll?

OK, I'm sure by now there are enough people here that own the game to finally start a poll. Which ever way you vote, please explain your reason, so others may benefit from your wisdom. Actual owners please. No armchair observers. This way we all know that you have actually "Played" the game, regardless if you paid for it, or used someone else's Key (English, Russian, or any other version).

I voted "It's OK". The game claims to be a simulator, and I believe it is anything but. There is way too much racing, and competitive deliveries. For a game with such good graphics, they could have make the weather much better. Rain don't hardly qualify as a drizzle, and the window wipers effect is poor, or non-existent. You don't get to drive your truck in, or out of the warehouse, or even unhook/hook up your trailer there. To me this is part of the fun, and skill of driving the truck. The truck physics of turning have more of a sliding effect, rather then a turning effect, and the trailer physics could use improvement too.

I could go on, but I'll leave you guys some room. In the mean time make your voices heard. Good, bad, or indifferent.

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