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Voted "It's OK".

My main gripe with this game is it's poor performance. I just can't enjoy any game when it's sluggish. It's sad because without the horribly implemented traffic the game runs smooth as silk and has some amazing graphics. Especially the transistions between evening/night/morning are beautifully done and add some amazing atmosphere to the game.

That sad, I just want to pick a truck, select some cargo, put on some nice music and drive. That's why I have to agree with USA Trucker on the racing/competitive deliveries part. Not so much because it may or may not reflect real life but because I want to do things at my own pace in this game.

Ofcourse there are a lot of things that would make this game better e.g. manual hooking/unhooking at the warehouses, more activity around truckstops (look deserted now)...but those are not my main concerns.

I bet that for a lot of people on this forum, the performance part is the least of their concerns but to each his own I guess. Really looking forward to the patch as they promised a decent performance boost.
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