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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
This is one problem I don't have. I have everything maxed out, and it runs as smooth as a babies bottom.
You're playing the English version right? I'm still on the Russian one. I doubt it has anything to do with my computer. I have it installed on two different systems (mine and my brother's). Both setups surprass the recommended specs by a mile, both are freshly installed, have the latest drivers, are defragged etc.

I know that "smooth" can be subjective thing but I really doubt anyone would call this smooth as a babies bottom. So I guess they might have fixed this in the English version because the Russian forums are full of people with the same complaints and among them are many who have top-of-the-bill systems.

Also, on top of the patch list that was released a couple of weeks ago was the major performance boost, so it really is an issue with the game, not with my system.

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