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I just got Rig 'n Roll and I must say that I am very impressed !
Let me give some very good and very bad points.

Beautiful scenery (you just feel like you 're really driving in California !)
Night/Day cycle
Damage system
Truck failure

lack of signs
extreme braking

=> Overal I give this game a well deserved 7.5/10
The feeling you get when you play the game makes good all the bad things and bugs. The braking is not a major bug, because when you don't brake very hard on a sudden the brakes work well. The police stays a major gamedistrupter, if there only was a way to turn them of...
Also small details like lights on mountains and houses on mountains and valleys makes the game scenery very very very realistic, it is like you're driving in Spain or another southern EU country !

The lights of the AI at night is beautiful too !

Too bad my pc cant run the game on max high settings !
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