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Default Disappointed?

Was anybody else as disappointed as I was after playing the game for the first time? I waited for 6 years (that's when I found out about it) and come to find out it's really not a simulator so much as an arcade game. Don't get me wrong I've played it every day since I've had it but it's just a little disappointing not behing able to hook up, not having trailers track right (I use the peterbilt 379 by the way that agrivated the fire out of me that it's not called a pete 379, I mean they seem to do alright behind the freightliner argrosy but you'd figure they would've got that right after that long.) And well the motors are a joke right along with the transmission. A 600 cat not pulling a hill with a loaded trailer? Never heard of that even with Cal. Emissions laws the C-15 would pull a hill and not drop off even in the tallest gear. And well 5th gear I've noticed is virtually useless if you're not bobtailing. and I've yet to find a place where I can upgrade to a 6spd...I'm assuming there is one due to the fact that 6 is 6th gear. I'm no gaming programmer and maybe the russian version is different but I find this to be more of an arcade game with realistic damage than a Simulator does anybody else feel the same way?
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