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Well, it's been a long time since I've been here. (hai gaiz!!)
So I thought I'd give my 2 cents on the game:

I really like it. It's about as addicting as Hard Truck 2, so I should be playing this for weeks on a row. The story mode is a really good surprise. Honestly, I thought this would be an incoherent mess of missions with a not very believable story. I was pretty surprised that, even though not really realistic, it made sense and it was fun to play. The voice acting is pretty decent (not the overly-pronounced accents I thought it'd have; however the Spanish accent sounds more Canadian than anything else ), and the cutscenes look pretty good. The side missions do break the monotony of driving from point A to point B, and you get to meet some pretty interesting characters, even though some of them are pointless (ie. you get a distress call from a broken down trucker, you get there, do nothing and get money for it).

Now, as far as the gameplay goes, it's not as good as I'd like for it to be. For example, the warehouse is a terrible idea. Not only can't you skip the long and boring cutscene, but you can't back up and unhook the trailer. Also, the truck seems to get somewhat confused sometimes, constantly revving the engine and half a second later coming to a halt. Sometimes, the truck doesn't even know what gate to choose. ;D
I'd also REALLY like it if there was a propper 13/15/18 speed gearbox. I'm not a fan of the racing either, but that IS the essence of the Hard Truck series, so I can't really complain about that.

I like the handling of the trucks, it really feels like you're behind the wheel of a large and heavy 18-wheeler-which is more than could be said for 18WoS. The truck customization is a major plus point, even though it seems like you gave the licensed trucks a lot more attention in this (for example, it's a lot easier to find parts for a Freightliner than for a Peterbilt, and the Peterbilt has a lot less parts to choose from). Something that I was a bit dissapointed at was the colour choice. I'd much rather like to have a colour spectrum sort of thing than just some 5 colours. And I'm sorry to say this, but the sounds are just terrible. The sound samples, excluding maybe one or two, aren't very good as it is, but it seems like you've created a very idiotic system to implement them. It's like the sounds don't blend propperly with each other (ie. going from the medium-RPM sound to the high-RPM sound), and it seems like the sounds barely change pitch (ie. being at 700 and 1000RPM sounds exactly the same).
For some reason, I also get the odd Crash to Desktop with no error screen.

So, to summarize, it's a very good game, but there's defenentley room for improvement.

Good Points:
-Story line
-Truck customization
-Damage system
-Graphics (they're good enough for me, anyway)
-Weather system

Bad Points:
-Police (they get extremely annoying sometimes; they should be a bit less forocious)
-The warehouse thing
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