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Originally Posted by M76 View Post
A month of game time? How long would that take in real time? fifty-sixty hours?

That also gives me an idea, what if I hire 2 drivers at the start of the game, and just leave the game running unattended for a week, would the genereate a million dollars with no effort at all? Or there is a time limit in the game that would prevent this?
1 minute of real-time equals 24 minutes of game-time. Do the math from there.

Drivers need trucks, and in the early part of the game you don't have enough cash to purchase 2 decent trucks. I never hire a driver unless I max out my current truck. I then hire a driver, give him/her my truck, and I buy a new one, and repeat the process. If you give them crappy trucks, you'll get crappy results for income, and they won't stay long.
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