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Originally Posted by M76 View Post
I only come back for one second, and I already catch you on deflecting another problem yet again.

No its not a system problem, since I had the same bug numerous times in the game. When I couldn't get a new load from any warehouse because it said I already had an order, and pressing no would do nothing. Unless an Intel Core I7-930 with 6GB memory doesn't meet the minimum system requirements, then you're right.
Don't come on this board starting trouble. I answered his question in relation to another post he written about not meeting specs (I believe CPU is 2.2GHz). This is not a deflection. Not once did I ever come across this problem, and many others too for that matter. But I guess we're all wrong, and only you are right. You bash this game at every opportunity you get. If you have nothing good to say, but to attack the game, and me.... Say nothing at all. Don't rant about a conversation when you don't have all the facts.

Cars running into you, and you getting the ticket is just the way the game is. It's not a bug, but just a design flaw that should be corrected.

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