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Originally Posted by Boozie View Post
So I can't find an English version of the "Army Shop" mod which I desperately want so I am taking it upon myself to make one. I figure I can take the mod from KB TL and modify as needed.

First question: how the hell do I open the kfs file? Everything I try just gives me garbage characters.

Also taking any other pointers/tips people may have for me.
The KFS files are basically archives; open them with WinRAR, 7zip, etc.
Inside, you'll find various other types of files.

TXT files are easy enough, open with any text editor such as notepad. They're usually simple configuration scripts and such. LUA files are also text files that can be opened, but of course they're written in LUA code. Again, easy enough to decipher as it's just like any other basic programming code.
LNG files are another type of text file, and these normally contain descriptions of things in the game.

So far those are the only files I've really played around with. For more in-depth modding, you may need to access the ACT, QST, HERO, CHAT, etc. files which are compiled files that must be decompiled before you can work with them. I've heard people having success using hex editors on them, but it's easier to use the KB DB EDIT program (find it in the savegame scanner thread) to decompile those files, make your changes, and use it to recompile the files.

That's all I've got right now; hope that helps.
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