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I was stuck in the cinema sequence for a while, too. In my game aiming was broken during the cinema sequence.

I've tested this for a while. In one instance I managed to empty all my machine gun ammo into the body of one enemy without killing it. It turned out that I had to aim towards the center of the movie screen, next to the monsters. If the monster is at the left, I have to aim right of it. If it is on the right I have to aim left of it. Because of this problem, that whole scene sucked majorly.

The only reason I noticed this quickly was the bullet impacts showing in the wall left of the movie screen, way left of where I was aiming (was using weapon 5 and 6 to test this). no holes or anything showed up in the movie screen itself.

Maybe it was because I am playing on a 16:9 screen resolution (1920x1080). The game version is the current one (as of 2011-05-06) from Impulse.
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