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Originally Posted by bmcelvan View Post
I cannot get any mods to work including the camera. I purchased CW from and installed it that way. I just started the program and created a new game of AP, after the cut scene it has me in the main debir sqaure at a zoom level and I saved the game and closed the program. I put the mod_a12_eng_camera01.kfs file into the sessions\orcs\mods folder. I restarted the program and then opened the saved game and cannot zoom out any further (like I used to be able to in the reg AP program) and then also started a new game again and it has the same zoom level - am I doing something wrong? Does it have to be the "Steam" version of the game? Help

This is a late reply, but... the newer Versions of the game don't work with that camera mod anymore.

Unfortunately nobody has made a new one.
And 1C hasn't listened to our cries for a better camera for more than 3 years now, so we're shit out of luck.
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