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Default Let's help the Developer's of BoM. What would you like to see in the new sim

So we know that CloD is in it's final throws of death and it's now that we have to look to the future for "Battle of Moscow".

Luthier has stated that many of the features that were going to appear in CloD will now be kept back to be used in the Sequel.

So with that in mind (and really crossing my fingers that this thread will get a sticky, moderated and have constructive answers) please post a selection of ideas and features that 'must' be included in the BoM to make it at-least attractive to those of us tainted by CloD.

So here's mine (for now):

Dynamic Weather with proper cloud cover (opaque and can't be seen through), rain and a sense of 3 dimensions to play in. Although I know many don't like Wings of prey or War Thunder, please view this footage to see what thick clouds/overcast looks like and how much fun it is to think that a player could be below you in a dogfight, but you have no idea as you fight above the thick layer of overcast:

Please remove/delete or at-least make substantial efforts to stop the 'popcorn' effect of buildings being rendered in a bubble surrounding a players aircraft. There is nothing more irritating than to fly down low and visibly see buildings and textures being drawn as the player 'bubble' goes over the draw point where the buildings/land start to be rendered. Even a simple fade-in effect would be better?

Trees. While understanding the fact that Speedtree renders large areas of trees the fact that their is no collision is ridiculous in a sim.

Couldn't there be one large hit box created that encloses all forests or large areas of trees, or, why not just add maybe 50 trees as objects inside the Speedtree areas but at random points. That way at-least if you fly into the woods, you may actually collide with something and be downed. This would stop online players taking the chance of escaping in the trees as they wouldn't know which objects would be 'solid'?

Please bring back the original graphics detail with sunrise and sunset along with ground mist and fog. It looked 'proper'!

Fix the damage modelling/graphic modelling so that aircraft missing a back end can't fly back to base!

Maybe ask a selected few testers to become official Beta testers who must sign an NDA and who will help you develop the game BEFORE release? I realise ATAG do a lot of on-line gaming so they would be perfect to hold closed sessions to test net code, LoD issues, bomber attacking at altitude and can't see the target issues?

Finally I would simply ask two-things;

1) Listen to the community. Many have been here for years and really do know what they are talking about (I don't include myself in that other than knowing the in-game video recorder is porked in CloD!). They care passionately about WW2/1 Flight Simming and really do know what makes good on-line and offline (offline is really as important for many, trust me!) play and we/they willingly offer suggestions to improve the Sims you release.

2) Communicate with us! Look how much interest there was when you actually posted information, appeared to be interested in what we thought and spent maybe 30-minutes-per-week actually discussing the future plans and past defeats. We are keen to listen and know what is happening. We are your community and future pay-checks. Please listen to us and let us listen to you!

So, gents (ladies?) any suggestions for future development in the series (by which I mean BoM only) that hopefully the Dev's will take time to look at and maybe, just maybe, we can get the Flight-Sim we want?

Cheers, MP
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