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Originally Posted by Goblin Wizard View Post
I think problems solved. After applying 1.12 patch, copy zip archive you'll find as attachment to the game directory and unzip. Choose "Yes to all".
If you encounter any other errors let me know.

What's wrong? Devs decoded all dialogs files to normal txt version but forgot to change FILETYPE header (DYNAMIC to STANDART). What it means? It means that final version of the patch wasn't tested even ONCE !!!

---- EDIT ----

New version of the fix - 4 posts below.

The new version of fix has no folder structure in it. If following these instructions all the folders would be unzipped into the main game directory.

It looks like the zip contains the folders of the GameDirectory\Data\LocData\English so you would need to copy them from the zip to this directory and overwrite instead of the game directory. Correct?

(This is a year old thread but figured I'd clear up the directions for people still needing the file.)
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