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I agree Paladin can be more difficult getting started than Mage or Warrior. If you haven't already focus on doing the King's quests - that line leads to getting the rage box. That's crucial for the Paladin in the early going to give you a good strong damage dealer. Also, I understand (though I can't confirm yet) that when you complete the main quest lines it causes the troops in the castle to replentish. I'm about to finish the 2nd king's quest and I was able to do this one with literally no fighting (just had to dodge some of the troops).

I'm trying to work directly to the 'trade 10 runes for 10 might and 10 magic runes' ability to see if I can buff up that way - not sure yet if it will work.

So, anyway, if you haven't done the king's quests yet, get on those and see how much the rage box helps to even things out.

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