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Hi, thanks for your tips!

I am a big fan of the original "King's Bounty" so I thought it was safe to play on Hard here too!

I managed to find a few more weak enemies, and also to find the crashed dirigible, which allowed me to (SPOILER AHEAD) get to the island with the first boss and once defeating him and returning for the quest reward I had enough experience to become level 6.

This caused the home kingdom to replenish its stocks of human troop, thus letting me rebuild my army. A good thing too - after the battle with the boss, I had only two dwarves left! So far, they seem to be my best unit, but I can only have a few at a time. All-in-all, it seems my peasants do a lot more damage than anything else - I just have to keep them alive.

So for anyone having the same trouble as me, I would suggest to just keep doing the King's Quests (Graham, Look out, a poisonous snake!) and eventually you will beat the boss and then get more troops.

I'll start trying to find some better troops. I really like the idea of replenishing life and "recruiting the dead" that Undead and Werewolf troops can do, but so far I have not been able to recruit many of these sorts of units. I will get some Royal Snakes as you suggest.

Any other troops suggestions?

Okay, thanks, bye!
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