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If you manage to get to an or settlement (the first is orc embassy in freedom island). Get Orc Shaman, best unit in their race so far. They don't have range attack, but the totems and dancing axe skill is very very usefull. I liberally use their totems skill many times as they can serve as distraction, most enemy will tend to target them first and wasting their turn. And if the totem lucky enough to survive by the end of the next turn, it will cast AoE damage or heal depend on the totem you use. The dancing axe is very nice, any damage to living creature will give major heal to all friendlies.

Giants are nice, but not much as they only can move 1 cell. The running skill compesate for this, then the earthquake which damage any nearby troop; the nearer they are the more damage they receive. I sometime use them as bait for enemies to gather around then do earthquake.

Black dragons, these are very nice unit. Expensive and demand lots of leadership points. Their firebreath attack can reach two cell within line of fire. Also the ability that fire everything in their path is very usefull if you are lucky enough to have multiple enemies in it's line of flight. Black dragons have less hp than giants though.
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