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Originally Posted by PomAh View Post
The game crashes when trying to save and send report in Steam where I bought it(steam redirect this site to support), I've heard that I'm not the only one who has this problem, when you find its solution? i pay 499rub for this game, and want to play games without bugs(same as you fight aroun 40min and after battle you try to save and got CRUSH)

I just had kind of the same problem. After a battle the console on the bottom of the screnn was black. Althought some parts, like the face of my heroine, stayed normal, I wanted to save and restart, but the game crashed the second I hit the Save button. The steam report tool that poped up right after the crash (as it should, I guess ) didn't work (just informed me, that my report wasn't sent), so I thought it would be best to report here.

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