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Default AI vs AI Kill ratio

I kept thinking DT would settle this problem sometime and I waiting so far.
But it wasn't settled at all, so I decided to propose.

This is the picture I drew before.
Maybe it was insufficient to tell my true meaning only with this picture.
The one I wanted to say is Kill ratio by a war between AI.
I experimented. In Fw-190s vs P-51Ds fight. skill is average.

16 vs 16 = 10 Fw-190s killed : 13 P-51Ds killed
32 vs 32 = 18 Fw-190s killed : 22 P-51Ds killed

The next things finds out that AI fighter in v4.13 will be observed attentively.

1. Pilots of average and rookie are shoot there guns strangely correctly.
2. AI can't avoid the bullets by AIs gun fires. Even if maneuver is performed, bullets hits.
3. A lot of planes are falling down one after another consequently.

I think Kill ratio between AI in v4.13 is too distant from a real war.
I hope hard repair this problem.

Everyone. What do you think?


Maybe this will be helpful reference data.
Airplanes aren't shotdown so much in once of air combat.

Sorry my poor English.
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