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In my opinion, overkill has little to do with the topic of AI kill ratios. Personally, I always considered kill claims simply not credible, period.

Returning to topic, I think the problem is combat duration. In real life, air combats were usually very brief, often lasting just a few seconds, and usually ending with opponents losing sight of each other. In game, AI pilots never lost sight of each other, and never quit combat when they should, because of damage, bad tactical position or low fuel level. In my opinion, these are the main reasons of abnormally high kill ratios. As a consequence, I don’t believe an easy fix could be implemented in game, at least one that pleases everyone. A typical, realistic mission will entail long, boring navigation and very brief combats, often inconclusive, followed by another long and boring return home.
My preference, for what is worth, would be to try some steps toward realism. AI’s eyesight could be gradually reduced or – better yet – player could have the option to choose different distances, the same way as AI pilots experience is chosen.

Also, I would like a “combat quitting” routine implemented. I know that’s difficult to determine an exact sequence of conditions that trigger quitting, but at least some could be tried. Any engine damage, particularly in the cooling system, should trigger a “Return to base immediately”.
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