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Its no secret that AI vs. AI kill ratios reflect unrealistically aggressive pilot behavior.

That is necessary to make a fun game, but isn't at all realistic historically.

Historically, at least for the USAAF, only 1 in every 10 fighter pilots shot down a single plane during their entire military career! Only something like 1 in 1000 made ace. Numbers were roughly comparable for other nations. That means you have a very few "eagles" and a whole lot of "turkeys."

Furio makes good points, but in addition to all the other advantages that AI aircraft have they never have moral problems about killing, they never get scared, they never get tired (air combat - especially a hard turning dogfight - was quite fatiguing), and they never think about their overall mission or tactical situation (i.e., "Am I going to get attack while I'm attacking?" "Will I have enough fuel after this dogfight to get home?")

There should be an option in the QMB or FMB to allow historical levels of pilot aggression, with the vast majority of pilots being quite cautious, and very aggressive pilots (the sort that become aces or die trying) being unusual.
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