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Originally Posted by gaunt1 View Post
I'd add one point: Eliminate the willingness of taking other planes head on, except for ace AI. Or except maybe against bombers.
I wouldn't eliminate it outright, but I agree that it needs to be modified.

In addition to the situations described, a head-on attack is a safe shot if taken from outside of the enemy's cone of fire. It's also a "fairly safe" shot if you're flying a heavily-armored, radial engine plane against a lightly-armed opponent.

For example, if I'm flying a P-47, F6F or F4U vs. a Ki-43, then I won't hesitate to take 12 o'clock level shots. It saves the hassle of trying to shoot an agile target using BnZ tactics.

When flying a well-armored but sluggish plane like the Buffalo Mk I, F2A2, or IL2, head-on shots are just about your only hope of shooting down faster or more agile opponents.

* In all cases, if AI initiates or accepts a head-on attack, an attack from 12 o'clock high or low (or whatever angle avoids the most fire) is preferred.

- AI Head-on attack preferred:

Average or better quality fighter pilots vs. heavy bombers (as long as the bombers have effective rear quarter defenses).

Aggressive or Very Aggressive Veteran or Ace pilots flying planes which are inferior to their opponents in both speed and maneuverability. (Cautious or Very Cautious will attempt to flee/hide in the clouds and use ambush tactics. Aggressive or Very Aggressive Rookie or Average pilots will attempt to use maneuver or BnZ tactics to gain a rear-quarter shot and die trying.)

- AI Head-on shot accepted if initiated by enemy/occasionally used:

Aggressive or better Veteran or Ace pilots flying planes which are superior in armor, firepower and engine durability. Chances increase if the plane they are flying is inferior in speed or maneuverability to their opponent.

Average or better pilots flying planes against light or medium bombers, but only if the plane they are flying is superior in armor, firepower and engine durability. (Rookies will attempt rear quarter or beam attacks.)

Sometimes, Very Aggressive or Aggressive Average or Rookie pilots will initiate or meet head-on shots rather than breaking, even if their plane is inferior in armor, firepower, or engine durability, or is superior in speed and/or maneuverability. (That is, their aggression will get the better of them, so that they make the mistake of playing the enemy's game.)

- AI Head-on shot avoided/never initiated:

Almost any pilot flying a plane which is inferior in frontal armor, forward firepower or engine durability, or superior in speed and/or maneuverability, except as described above. (The idea here is that AI should almost never accept a clearly unfavorable tactical situation if it's possible to get a better firing solution on the target.)

* In any case, all but the most aggressive and experienced pilots will start head-on attacks too soon (at 1,000-600 meters) and break off the attack to avoid fire and maneuver for position before they get within about 200 meters. Aggressive or better pilots of Veteran or higher quality will start the attack within 600 meters and will only break off the attack at the minimum distance required to avoid a collision.

* Rookie and Average pilots will have extra trouble with range and deflection estimation for head-on shots, since it wasn't typically part of gunnery training. They might even fail to line themselves up for the shot!

* All but Aggressive or better pilots will break off head-on attacks if they take any damage during the attack run.

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