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Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post
First, in the heat of combat you might not be aware that your plane has has taken some types of critical damage - other than obvious signs like fire or sudden loss of power output or maneuverability.

Second, in a dogfight, unless you can plan your disengagement and successfully implement it, you don't have any option other than to fight until the end.

But, I don't think that IL2 is modeling either of those things. Any engine damage, any fuel leak, any pilot injury, or serious damage to any other aircraft systems should be an automatic disengagement from a dogfight for all but the most aggressive or desperate pilots.

Average or rookie pilots should have the strong possibility of panicking when their plane is damaged, meaning that they disengage even when it is tactically unfavorable to do so.
What totally works against any and all attempts to disengage is the omniscient AI, who when once has acquired a target only loses it when out of range. Humans and AI cannot disengage at will - and even trying is pointless. If there would be a chance that AI loses track of their target, because of it flying into a blind spot, or getting distracted by other potential targets, or because their leader commands them to do so - then RTB could be worth the risk when you are damaged.

Originally Posted by gaunt1 View Post
I'd add one point: Eliminate the willingness of taking other planes head on, except for ace AI. Or except maybe against bombers.
Against bombers with good defensive fire from the rear all but dumbest rookie should do head on or slashing passes, given plane allows for that.
Against fighters it should not depend on skill level -only on agressiveness - I'd bet the average Japanese pilot was quite willing to take the head on shots - despite sitting in a lightly armored plane. And while sitting in a heavily armed, heavily armoured plane may make you more confident to go head-on, an ace in just such a plane may avoid it unless any other maneuvre will favour the enemy.

I do not accept head on exchanges against AI fighters - except if I'm in
a) a massivley better armed plane - and not in a very good position, e. g. the possible quick kill is worth the risk. E.g. Fw190 vs. Yak.
b)my plane is just so much worse, I can only go for head-ons. Typically used for IL-2 vs fighters.
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