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Originally Posted by Kr3v View Post
Hi, I've tested your mod (v0.4) as promised
Originally Posted by Kr3v View Post
- Even in lowest graphics, the framerate is unplayable. Of course I've got a good computer and vanilla Necrovision runs great. It's probably the fov, but I'm not sure.
Huh?...Gosh that where it sucks to have an ubercomp...I'll see what I can do.

EDIT: in CWeapon.lua line 1552 you have:
local w0,h0,d0 = ENTITY.GetDimensions(self._Entity) --already takes self.Size in account
if you replace the whole thing by "local d0=2", does it change anything performance-wise?
Originally Posted by Kr3v View Post
- Weapons are constantly flickering and disappearing, it's strange. And near an obstacle, they are distortioned.
Juste pour ĂȘtre sur, flicker=clignoter.
And could you post a screenshot of a distorted weapon?
ATM I've no clue of what could cause that.
Note:It's normal that weapons are pulled back when you're close to an obstacle, and when you have your eyes just above the barrel, you may notice that actually, it's quite long.
Originally Posted by Kr3v View Post
- You've said that we have unlimited ammo for all weapons, but do we have all weapons ?
No no, you have to pickup weapons (or use nvnweapons)
Originally Posted by Kr3v View Post
Otherwise, I like the option menu which allow to configure the mod. With a bunny jumping switcher and a fov adjuster it will be perfect
bunny jump: not a problem, except that I have other priorities:1-that FPS issue and 2-reworking the aiming system*
FOV: actually, I dont see what setting it should affect. Is it just Cfg.FOV? And what kind of option should it be; I mean is it a slider in the 90-180 range, a text on which you click whith different values (like for resolution) , or a box where you type a number (or something else)?

*aiming system
Currently we have the standard aiming cone system: when you shoot the crosshair grows, increasing the weapon spread, but you dont know where you shoot, so you mouse aiming skills do not affect much whether you hit or miss.

My idea is to have cursors (one per weapon) showing exactly where your bullet will hit (save for shotguns ofc). And those cursors wouldn't stay at the middle of the screen, but move here and there on the screen due to the recoil. And as you could see precisely where you will shoot, you could adjust the aim, making successful hitting more mouse-dependant.
The problem is:2weapons->2crosshairs moving separately vs 1 mouse

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