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Originally Posted by Gniarf View Post
Because flickers appear randomly? Is it related to FPS (BTW there is a console command "showfps 1")
Personaly I use fraps.

And while we are at it, did you try the modification of CWeapon.lua line 1552 I mentionned earlier?
Not yet, I only played UT3 today while waiting for ArmA 2

0-$#&@ I gonna kill you for saying that, really, do you know how painfull it was to make it working!?
Sorry if I hurt you. I know that you worked a lot, but I personaly prefer to be honest (while staying respectful for your work), I don't want to lie, and because you worked a long time it's for me a better reason to be honest. If you prefer, I can say it's great, but it won't help you.

1-I think it's more realistic. I mean you can't aim a rifle while being pressed against a wall, can you? (except if you're turning your back to the the wall, I know, I know)
2-If I remove weapon pullback, you'll have all the glitches&bugs listed in ztorm's FOV fix thread (like effects being misplaced and passing through walls while the weapon does not, flames not leaving from the flamer barrel, weapons being squeezed when using a large FOV, etc...).
3-If you've got a better solution than wpn pullback I (will kill you) am all eyes.
The engine doesn't have its word to say. I tell it to pull back, it'll pull back, may it like it or not - period!
It's MY preference, not a general one, don't be hurt by my comment, it was not an attack. I've not a better solution, and to be honest, I don't search realism in Necrovision, ArmA 2 is out (in germany, but i'm not german )

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