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Originally Posted by Gniarf View Post
I was kidding ! Nothing serious! And BTW, I prefer straight & harsh way over the slow & ambiguous.
Yet you represent 50% of my betatesters,so...
I'm not.
I know ('kay next time I'll put smileys...)
Another no blood no violence, goody two-shoes edition?
I know it was not serious, I use the same answers

But I prefer answer to it, we are on the web and irony (ironie ?) is often invisible.

And no ! ArmA is not censored in Germany But it's in german, and I've some difficulties to understand german And the game will be out in 20 days so...By the way, ArmA is not a really violent game if we talk about visuals, it's not soldier of fortune or manhunt.

edit : And yes, smileys are usefull while talking with foreign people. Irony is different with languages.

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