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Originally Posted by Heliocon View Post
Ace ladder?
You know, if I was a brit, I would shoot down rescue planes. I would also seriously think about shooting enemy parachuters, considering the fact that they were firebombing civilian targets/london and killing tens of thousands of people. If its strictly military on military then kicking someone when they are down is dishonorable and inhumane (ie parachute shooting, hitting field hospitals, shooting POW), once they start targeting non-combatants it changes things. (Or if I was alive at the time, I believe for me it would).

On the other hand if I was a german I would not shoot british shutes in the bob, but then again I wouldnt be participating in the bombing either.
lol......Im talking about the virtual world, how i do my online gaming. And loads and loads of online players do look at the ace ladder (point whores) kill freaks etc....

In RL it was an order that gave permission to shoot down S and R didnt come from pilot to pilot but from high command.

I dont look at my actions and hold them against RL, and i dont use history books to explain my actions. Im not old enough to have lived ww2, i have books and games, but i dont use the books for my game

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