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Is this the RoF forum or what?

Seriously, people are comparing CoD to a sim that was in development for quite a long time itself, has a two year head-start with its own share of problems many of which have not yet been fixed (the aircraft "dots" pop into view at 2km or so which messes up situational awareness in a fight, that's why you can have cool terrain with no pop-up, this is about to get fixed now after a whole 2+ years) and all the cool stuff everyone is harping about was developed AFTER its release by charging the community for every single individual content enhancement except the avgas needed to fly the planes

If you want to make accurate comparisons maybe you should pretend that CoD ships with 4 flyables, send $7.6 to 1c for every extra flyable and wait a couple of years, or build a time machine or something, because at the moment it just amounts to dealing cards from a stacked deck and acting surprised at the outcome.

If people want to judge by double standards it's fine by me, they just shouldn't expect it to have the same value as it would if they were judging both sims by the same criteria at similar points during their life.
OK lets make a bottom line....ROF is very playable on my rig...and CLOD isnt....and I have i7920@3.5Ghz, GTZ 470 twinfrozr2 OC to 750Mhz on core, 6 GIGs of RAM (resolution is 1680x1050)....yes I tried all tricks and tweaks and my richie HW and SW experince...end of the story
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