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Originally Posted by Tvrdi View Post
OK lets make a bottom line....ROF is very playable on my rig...and CLOD isnt....and I have i7920@3.5Ghz, GTZ 470 twinfrozr2 OC to 750Mhz on core, 6 GIGs of RAM (resolution is 1680x1050)....yes I tried all tricks and tweaks and my richie HW and SW experince...end of the story
I dont understand why. Must be something fishy with your system.
I have a I7 930@4 GHz and a GTX 480 and it runs everything at high and 1920x1200 resolution pretty smooth. 12 GB of RAM (had 6 before and there is no real diffrenc noticeable). OS is WIN 7 64 Premium.
I use 14.305 patch since the latest one makes problems in multiplayer.

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