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Originally Posted by Winger View Post
I dont understand why. Must be something fishy with your system.
I have a I7 930@4 GHz and a GTX 480 and it runs everything at high and 1920x1200 resolution pretty smooth. 12 GB of RAM (had 6 before and there is no real diffrenc noticeable). OS is WIN 7 64 Premium.
I use 14.305 patch since the latest one makes problems in multiplayer.

Im talking about last beta which causes slowdowns online....the beta before the last was much smoother, thats true...still even there I have slowdowns when plane in front of me catches fire (when I hit him). So I stand corrected...a bit.

btw, nothing fishy with my rig it runs other games/sims smooth as silk...including the most demanding....
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