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hmm had to think hard on this question.
For me its really comes down to how this game stacks up against IL2 46, as 46 is in my opinion the only other WWII flight sim that I Still think was better then all the ones that came before it

The things that CLOD has the edge or Potential Edge on
1. FM (potential)(This really falls under playability category for me. I just don't feel like the FM is as solid and Especially don't really feel the difference between aircraft that I do with IL2 46. In CLOD it's there but its so subtle that if the cockpit didn't look different I probably would not notice I was in a different plane. Where as in IL2 46 if you removed the cockpit there seems to me to be a whole different feel to every plane that is much more noticeable.

2. DM (already awesome in my opinion with very little tweaking needed)

3. Over all Better Updated Graphics (although I am still not very impressed with how my Mid High machine handles the graphics but I will reserve final judgement on this until after 99% of the optimization is done as I'm hoping for it to improve)

4. Customization (Potential) I.E. Weapons Load out, In Flight Order system, Realism options etc. ALL of these when finished will be Hands down an improvement over IL2 46

5. Interactive cockpit (still kind of gimmicky for me but when i land or before take off it does feel a little more like im in the cockpit when i actually open and close the the hood in a spit or hurri Every once in a while while im flying any flight sim Except ROF for obvious reasons, I get hot while flying and for an instant have the urge to click open the vents until rational thought takes over and pause the game to go turn the fan on lol its the little things i guess lol ) maybe in the future.

Where IL2 46 still has the advantage for me............

1. Offline Content (This has equal weight to me as playability in my opinion and I actually feel that if CLOD was just as playable for me as it is now but with more content I would definitely play it more often)

2. Playability ( The DM goes rite to CLOD but even though the FM will be better in CLOD some day as of now the one in IL2 46 to me feels completely solid and predictable. When I transition from one plane to another I notice all the subtle differences Climb rate, dive rate, turn rate, compressibility factors effect of the weapon kick based on position of the gun and all those things that remind me that I am in a totally different plane not just the look of the cockpit. CLOD still has a ways to go for me in this area but has the potential to be stunning when finished where as IL2 46 is already as good as it is going to get.

3. Sounds (This actually gives IL2 46 an unfair advantage at the moment because while i do think that CLOD stock sounds are better or equal to IL2 46 stock sounds I am using UP 3.0 which in my opinion uses way better sounds both gun and engine then any WWII flight sim I have ever played. (VERY IMMERSIVE). I love the way radials start up and sound with the UP 3 mod especially. Any way Until CLOD is to the point where Modders are making there own templates for theses types of things I suspect the stock sounds when done will be better then IL2 46 but maybe not better then the Modded ones. Again i will reserve final judgement on this for when the re done sounds come out. Maybe they will be phenomenal you never know

That is pretty much how i came to my 50% rating. It just needs to be better at those three major things and for me its no contest to switch over. But when i get the urge to fly (which is after I watch any WWII movie or documentary on TCM or BBC I still jump on Good old IL2 to get my rush

Great Thread by the way I really like some of the detailed descriptions people gave. thought i would add mine

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