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Giving whatever marks you want is obviously ok (it's a personal opinion), however the posts that go into some detail are more useful than others to the onlookers.

I'm not saying there's unreasonable marks because the whole thing is highly subjective on many areas (for example, i agree with quite a chunk of Bryan 21cag's post, but i gave it a 70 while he gave it a 50), but it would help make things more believable for the rest if posters who deviate strongly from the majority took some time to say why.

What i'm trying to say is, if i see a 10 followed by a one-liner my mental alarm bells tell me "disgruntled customer wanting to raise some waves", just like if i see a 100 that equally lacks explanation makes me thing "knight in shining armor defending his favorite software no matter what": it seems like an emotionally charged judgement, emotions in such a process create bias and make us drift from objectivity in our results and as such, i remain thoroughly unconvinced by them.

It feels like the people who grade and justify their grades as such (ie, in a lacking manner) are primarily trying to get a reaction instead of giving a personal but objective-based judgement.

As for how the marks are chosen, i have a feeling the poll is about the game's current state, not how it was released or the team's managing of communication or the project in general. In other words, the game on an "as is" basis, how do we rank that.

I might be wrong, i don't know, it just seemed to me from how most of the people justified the marks they gave and the talk of having further such polls in the future that they were trying to get "snapshots" of the game's state at different points in development (which means judging the game on its flaws and merits at the current juncture for each such poll), so i went with it. Maybe it would be a good idea to clarify this for future polls.

Other than that, interesting discussion all around and i agree with the people who said things are not exactly terrible. As the poll goes thus far the little bars tell me things are "average towards good", which is a far cry from what we've been hearing by overly negative/positive posters. In other words, it seems we have a reasonable community majority for the most part even if they are not that loud on the forums and seem under-represented at times.
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