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I think I may have some answers to those.

What bad things mafia do for truck driver inside game? Rob and rape the driver and steal his cargo

How much mafia bother inside game? They bother alot

I saw motel room screenshot and what truck driver can do there? He can sleep in there and have sex with hookers and masterbait.

What driver can do inside bar? What else do you do at a bar, drink of course.

Which wheaters change truck driver expect ingame? I dont understand the word Wheaters

Is it editable for new truck,trailer? No

What about map editor? No

What features is available in rign roll? Features? just be glad the game even came out!

What is final system requirement? intel P2 64mb ram 20mb hard drive space

Which steering wheels is supported? the kind that you steer with.

Which video card is supported?Geforce MX4000 with 64mb

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