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Default Japaneze Kamikaze - color footage

Hi all,

Here is one the best story telling on the subject I have seen so far. Color footage, complete description of the events and mention of the sociological roots and background that led the Japan toward this extreme measure.

The only thing that I can think against it is the fact that they seemed to have choose deliberately to put aside the atrocities committed by the JA that marked a trend toward the disrespect of human life among their Generals as a way to speed up their career.

Anyway, fantastic footage and a very mature comment. You can see color archive of a flight of Betty carying Aka being intercepted by F6 Hellcat !!

part 1 :

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Enjoy !


PS: To all that keep posting their encouragements or simply thanks, please be sure that I do appreciate your encouragement even if I do not reply

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