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Originally Posted by Black_Sage29 View Post
We're talking about performance. Corsair is supposed to be maneuverable and it's not even when in top speed low alt flight ( 220-230mph ). Also bleeds off speed way to fast
It is maneuverable. Rolls like no tomorrow. And is okay in a turn. Bleeding off spped too fast - thats very difficult to test and verify aginst real world data.

Originally Posted by Black_Sage29 View Post

Note that report above says the corsair should reach 300mph Indicated air speed. IN game it doesn't reach this..not even close to that ( 220-230mph is way off )..but ok...
The one you are reffering to is a specially cleaned up plane - and exceeds factory specs.

Originally Posted by Black_Sage29 View Post
The corsair's top speed is supposed to be about 20mph slower than the P-51 also according to wikipedia..and it's not. P-51 reaches a top speed of roughly around 300-310mph IAS in game level flight
Here's another report: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.o...stangtest.html
^^^ P-51 reaches 363mph true airspeed low-alt flight
^^ here you can see corsair has maximum speed of 343ph true airspeed in low-alt flight. That's about 20mph behind p51
Based on all of this the corsair should at least reach 260mph-280mph in level flight in game instead of 220-230mph
Just tried it: F4U1-D 100% fuel, with WEP engaged, 569 kph (true) at~ 2300m.
Compared to following test, thats fine -though a little faster could do:
Maybe the engine curve of the Corsair ingame is a little off - does anyone know how to extract that data without extensive testing?

On a totally unrelated sidenote, how do you get to the conclusion that the Corsair does reach a speed of 320-330 MPH -speedbar or speed indicator? If speed indicator: its in KNOTS

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