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Default Corrections to the Damage Models - Oil, Water and Fuel - Just an insight

Currently we are testing these corrections and additions to the damage models of the aircraft.

The Spitfire fuel tank rarely caught fire before, due in part to some coding errors. We have corrected this but also added the 3mm thick metal plate that surrounded the fuel tank which was also missing in the 3d model hitboxes (for the Ia/IIa). With these additions/corrections, you still shouldn't expect to see tons of Spitfires dropping out of the sky in massive balls of fire.

We also went through every aircraft's (flyable and non-flyable) oil and water systems and added missing elements. This is being tested but looks promising so far. There were a lot of missing elements of the systems for many aircraft. The Hurricane had a complete system, with all hoses, pumps, tanks, and rads having hitboxes. We used this as our game example when making additions to the other aircraft, which were done with aircraft blueprints, pilot manuals, and system schematics/diagrams.

A handful of aircraft had complete systems already, but quite a few needed major additions, including the Spitfire and 109. The list of aircraft that needed corrections/additions are:

Spitfire Mks
DH82 Tigermoth

Here are examples of the two most popular planes. Objects in blue are existing, objects in red have been added which were missing and now form complete oil/water systems.

Spitfire and 109 images are attached.
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