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Confirmed Genuine help

Ok, I tried my theory on getting to Verdelet, the Demonologist early as I'm replaying as the Vampire. All you have to do after Whitehill is sidestep the troop guarding the portal in the Catacombs and it's off to Verdelet. Avoid patrols until you get to center, then kite your way around picking up flags and the like. Verdelet has always had Demons and Demonologists and a lot of high level chaos spells.

I couldn't get him to join the shelter as I believe he's only for the Demoness to recruit, but with all the stuff he's got, it's fine.

Atrixus is a hard place to describe as to "where to go" but Verdelet is gotten to on the platform directly in the center. First platform. Also, there's an unguarded troop of either Demons(in Demoness playthrough) or Executioners(this playthrough) at one part. I got 14 executioners this trip.

I also found enough leadership flags and gold to accumulate extras in the reserve slots of the demons and demonologists so I'm good for probably til end of Monteville.

I'm going to try Tristrem next, but I don't see myself getting any orcs or gobs as I'm just not good with them...yet. (would appreciate tips with all but the shaman as I do use those well)

Ok, Can't get through Tristrem via the Catacombs, but you can get it on your teleportation choices by doing so. There's nothing there to get you that you have to sidestep, but directly on the path are 2 troops.

But if you teleport and kite your way around, you can pick up some goodies, but the only thing worth really grabbing is the neutral troop between shaman tents. Got 70 Catapults.

So beginning Portland, I've a full set of Executioners, Demons, Demonologists, and Catapults by doing all this. Other troop is Vampires x 17 thanks to all the flags I grabbed.

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