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Archmages and Wizards Lightning attack with Trance can now hit 2 random targets after the main target if they're within 4 hexes. That's kind of new.

Ok, Dispel doesn't work on freeze, poison, bleeding or what negative effects does it actually "dispel"? Oil/flammable? It's now useless as a spell and the Mage Hunter(Of the dark version of Witch Hunter)and his talent of dispel is also useless.

"Creation" is the replacement spell that seems the same as Gift, with perhaps even more charges added than what Gift did.

Right now, I'm going with a full set of "Order of the Twilight" of traitor humans. Wizards(Dark Archmages), Dark Paladins, Dark Knights, Mage Hunters, and Heresiarchs all with morale at "Unshakeable" due to items I've gathered. I'm still playing the Vampire but am experimenting constantly with different combinations of troops.

Due to limitations in how many of these creatures, I had to use Blood Priestesses + Call of Nature to bulk their numbers and will have to again in a few levels. I may be replacing the Mage Hunters soon with Horsemen, where I started with only 14 of them and got them to over 100.

I adopted this strategy lately due to:
1. The Items that are available in this playthrough.
2. The Traps. Got tired of watching my summoned demons blunder into every trap and ziogyn on the map. Hell, they even moved in a stupid fashion(for no goal I can see whatsoever) to step in one. Why can't we control them the way we do every other summoned creature? Anyways, it's forced me to adopt a very defensive strategy.
3. The orcs suck
4. The dwarves suck
5. Haven't gotten to any dark elves yet and anyways, by the time you get them, they suck

Negative effects Dispel actually dispels:
1. Sheep
2. Helplessness
3. Peacefulness
4. Slow
5. Fear
6. Plague
7. Doom

Ways to Resurrect your main troops:
1. Dark Resurrection spell-Obtained by giving Simon in your shelter 3 Resurrection Scrolls
2. Dark Paladin ability
3. Heresiarchs
4. Demonologist's ability
5. Turn Back Time
6. Phantom of Dark Paladin, Demonologist, Heresiarch
7. Repair Droids and Engineer Repair ability, only for Droids

There is a way to heal Level 5 creatures with "Chemists" healing bottles, even Magic resistant ones, but not resurrect as far as I know.

*Yes, I'm using this as both help for others and a sort of notepad at the same time,lol.

The biggest problems(some may be bugs) and difficult encounters to watch out for and plan accordingly:
1. Starting Spells for the Vampire
2. Starting troops for Orc(don't know personally as I haven't played him yet)
3. Seems for both "spell medals" where you have to cast a certain # of each, that one of the medals scrolls take forever to get. For Vampire, it was spells for the ones with Blur and Avenger(still don't have the other 2) and for Demoness it was the opposite medal.
4. Uncontrollable Summoned Demons blundering into traps and Ziogyns. Either allow us to control them or improve their AI to avoid the traps and have the Ziogyns boost their Adrenaline or whatever.
5. Playing Vampires and Ancient Vamps vs the Droids
6. Playing Vampires and Ancient Vamps vs Plants and Ents
* The last two make sense as it causes you to play more cautious so not something I want "fixed". And vs anything else, the vampires(exception being the female) perform great.
8. Finding real use for Female Vampire
-need either same leadership as Vampires or
-need self resurrection ability
9. Playing the Orcs/Goblins except one or two ranged mixed with other races. Adrenaline is kind of OP with shaman and underpowered with everything else. No attraction with them.
10. Playing the Dwarves and same thing as the Orcs/Gobs except adrenaline of course which they don't have. Mechanics are pretty good and with creation, can be deadly
11. Call of Nature is probably best spell in this version
12. Plenty of useless items in stores and map that you can sac for Magic Crystals. very good

Random Thoughts:
1. An underwater race would be fun if you can figure a way for non underwater to fight them without drowning
2. Wyverns would be a good evil counter to griffins. Keep them evenly matched though
3. Why not Timber Wolves as a slightly better wolf add on
4. Teaming up with Battle for Wesnoth(a free TBS Strategy game) and using some of their factions would be fun
5. Robber types could use a leader type. A 'Kingpin'
6. Whatever happened to Archdruids from original KB?
7. Where in the hell are Rune Mages and their dark equivalent in this version? Maybe the Dark Version could be a Lich and have a resurrection for undead only type ability? Names for it? Lich of Runes? Rune Lich?
8. The Paintings are listed as artifact, but shouldn't they be regalia?
9. In an expansion, having a Traitor Humans buying place would be a good idea. Never enough of them and have to go to Blood Priestess to get more.
10. Shouldn't Sacrifice work on summoned creatures to obtain their numbers? It does for priestess but not the spell.

*Apparently Ziogyns only appear when you have 1 or more undead troops in your army and appear regardless of who kills the stack. No Undead, No ziogyns at all.

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