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What is a Time Gaalistra? Is it a piece of equipment ?

Originally Posted by grunt3 View Post
Here are my starting moves (It might be exploiting a bit -- you decide):

1.) I start a game I make sure the starting ship is one of the larger starting sizes. 400 is the max size for an easy luck start. I also make sure to there is a good low weight branch engine around, which I will be buying soon.
2.) Head to the nearest Medical center and get Time Gaalistra if available.
3.) Get the max loan from the closest business station.
4.) Search and buy any medicine with price around 40 or under. Sell all that medicine to the medicine station in your starting system. This may take several trips.
5.) Now finally start the first medicine tutorial quest by talking to the governor. This lowers all the prices of the medicine in the medical center to about 30.
6.) Make 3-way trips between the Medical station, sick planet and start planet and never talk to the governor, while trading. Continue until the medicine and equipment are exhausted. You should have from 30-40k now and maybe 6 months in.
7.) Go buy that new engine, frag cannons etc... upgrade equipment and start taking on dominators for profit.
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