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Default Adding Aircraft to DGC Folder / Campaigns

To All,

This is my first post so please forgive me if this question may have already been asked (and answered).

I have I-L2 1946 version 4.09 installed on my home laptop.

I have been flying the "built-in" dynamic campaigns the game has to offer but have come across a situation I could use some assistance with.

For the US Marine campaign, I have added a few newer Corsairs to different portions / sections of the campaign by editing the "planesUM1.dat" file.

All I have had to do is to copy the name of the plane I would like from the 'Skins' section and add it where needed to the .dat file using Notepad.

At least for me, this has made some campaigns more enjoyable.

However .......

I have tried adding the Tempest to the "planesGB1.dat" file but the aircraft is not recognized when I start the campaign as an available option though the drop-down selection.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for any guidance that can be offered.


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